Actor formula             400 € / 1h
Sextape formula        250 € / 1h


Rocco                           400 € / 1h
xXx                               350 € / 1h
Fifty Shades                 300 € / 1h
Kama                            200 € / 1h
Sensual                         150 € / 1h

Student formula: custom price


Private advice session           100 € / 1h

Student formula: custom price

Payment: It will be made in the beginning of session only in cash (credit cards and check are not accepted).

Personalized duration: You wish a session which lasts longer as 1h30 or 2h? Ask it during the appointment setting and choose the duration which suits you.


For the people who consider that I am expensive, they are probably right. I am expensive yes, because I am a Professional who has a knowledge and an experience of the women which only the professionals of porn have. Then there will be certain price to be paid, especially if we want the best.

Sometimes, I meet sometimes, during my services, professionals of the negotiation praising to me all the profits which it could bring me if I do them a more advantageous price. And these people try to negotiate prices with insistently and doggedness but without success.

Here are some arguments of these negotiators of prices:

– Then, certain spouses negotiate even my prices according to the level of beauty of their wife. More their wife is beautiful, more they consider that it is a privilege for me and that consequently I have to decrease the price of my erotic massage.
My answer: I am not sensitive to this kind of argument and I invite them to consult my Sexy selfies to see if beautiful women who come to see me are exceptional.

– According to others persons, I am simply too expensive and these people insist with me to have a reduced price.
My answer: To have a reduced price, I invite them to call on to amateurs among whom some will be the same loans to make erotic massages free of charge.

– According to others again, they know people around them who would become customers for my erotic massages.
My answer: It is necessary to know that I am complete often on several days and that I refuse very regularly new appointments. Consequently, I do not run after of new customers.

And to end, I shall say that all the people who try to negotiate in a too insistent way the prices of my erotic massages go automatically to my BlackList.