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femme visitant Paris pour un massage érotique


Soon in every country of the World, a woman will have lived the ultimate erotic experience, that of Vincent Body Expert. Indeed, my erotic and naturist massages begin be known all over the world. The magic of internet but especially the best erotic massages for woman which exist. I have more and more appointment coming from the international. Women and couples of passage on Paris either for the business or for the holidays which seach to spend a very erotic moment. And as Paris is the city of love and eroticism, I become now an inescapable appointment to assure a hot and wet moment and immortalize their stay on Paris. I was thus able to meet pretty businesswomen and tourists of passage on Paris coming from Algeria, England, Argentina, Canada, China, Denmark, Dom Tom, Estonia, Iran, Madagascar, Morocco, Norway, New Caledonia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, Syria, Turkey. And every month, the list grows up. Every country has its language but I know the language of the feminine body which is universal.


Similar, I have many couples followers of the sex clubs and which are curious to see that is an erotic massage for woman. I can tell you that they are very warmly and that it is not the Sensual Massage which it choose.


Business womanA lunch break? An outside appointment at a customer or a supplier? I know it more than a which made a detour to see me on their working time. That gets away from them the day. On the other hand, I tell it to you at once, they wet in the work all the rest of the day having left me.


Add taboos on the sex disappearing with the women’s new generation and the democratization of porn and you obtain students in search of strong sensations and more opened as regards the sex. Without forgetting those, who want to discover that is a pro of the sex, the thing which the young men of their age cannot bring them due to the lack of experience.


Escort girlRepeatedly, I had customers Escort Girl. And I was surprised enough that an Escort Girl, paid for sex permanently, pays me in her turn for an erotic service. Being curious about the answer and already having in mind my idea, I decide all the same of their to ask the question to have confirmation. And the answers are unanimous. Each Escort Girl answered me the same thing. Although she has sex very often with much partners, their customers think only of their own pleasure, do not know enough the feminine body or are lacking virility. Without forgetting all other small details which they revealed me and who are added to the list. And it is from this not performance of their customers, that calls me now Escort Girls to have in their turn a real erotic moment with a Professional who knows perfectly the body of a woman.


I have seen a consequent number of women during my erotic massages and I noticed, by discussing with, that the job which returns most of the time is the one of Sex therapist. I had many women sex therapist or of students in sexology. Why? Simply because my job which turns around sex, the feminine pleasure and what the fact that it is rare intrigues them, makes them curious. Then they book an appointment with me for a very erotic session. And do not go to propose them the softest massage. Big error. They want the one who will give them the maximum of pleasure, the Naturist Massage Rocco. In a purpose purely of study and sociology naturally. And after this intense and orgasmic session, all interview me on my job like professional journalists. Do you think that there is a disparity between the sexual pleasures proposed to the men and to the women? Is the sexual pleasure still taboo at a feminine majority? How do you see its evolution in the coming years? Do you think that your activity can develop with other men? Etc., etc. I answer some questions then indicate that if she wishes to make a real interview it is better to take a specific appointment to have time to approach all the questions. Sacred sex therapists! Otherwise, I also had been consulted by a customer sex therapist to have my opinion on the case of one of her patients. She told me that it would be interesting to her to have a point of view male of somebody who knows well the women and their sexuality otherwise than by the theory. She thus told me in a anonymous way the problem of her patient and my experience of women did that he was easy for me to find the real problem of her customer as well as a solution.

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