The sexual difficulties of women affected of obesity

We ask me regularly questions subject to mockery if I have already fucked the overweight girls and which are the sensations. Then I drafted an article to make better understand the difficulties that they can meet and bring a little more tolerance towards them. Although we find many women’s testimonies affected by obesity, there is little their male partner. Then I am going to develop the subject. When I speak about obesity, I do not speak about a simple overweight or to be big. I speak about a real obesity and the one who exceeds the threshold of 110kg.

Although everybody knows that I fuck many models, I tell to have fucked always also with 4 or 5 overweight women. I do not make casting when I kiss. I fuck slender, overweight women, anorexics, small women, tall women, brunettes, blondes, deaf and mutes persons and many others else. I shall not have been able to have a complete knowledge of the women if I had not spread the categories. And when I met the first woman affected by obesity, I learnt a great deal of things on the difficulties that they and their male partner could meet.

Even if my pleasure was very decreased because there are lots of things that we cannot make of for the important size of their body and for their joint pains, I can tell you that I fucked them by giving the maximum as for any girl. Last point, I say to fuck and not to make love. It is not because they are overweight that they are fragile and that they want necessarily of the delicacy. They are as any woman, they want varied and sometimes desires bestial as those that I saw.

Now, let us see how is situated the pleasure and which are the difficulties which they and their male partner meet. To start with, they can give the same pleasure as everybody with the mouth or the hands but not with the vaginal penetration. Without forgetting that her sensations, during the vaginal penetration, are going to be very decreased because of the excess of greasy mass. I am why going to explain to you.


The pains in the articulations of knees bound to their weight being too important, these prevent them to do numerous positions. Thus no doggy style, no position on the man, and no position where they have the bent legs and who could create of the pressure on the knees. That eliminates there also almost 80 % of the positions.

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