She watches her sextape during her erotic massage

Massage érotique sextape américaine

I have an appointment for an erotic massage in Paris with a new woman customer. I knock at the door indicated, then it opens me making meet a pretty brunette with long hair, dressed in a bathrobe and elegantly holding a glass of wine in hand. She lets me in and talks with me with a strong foreign accent.

She tells me that she comes from the United States and is passing through the capital. She is very jovial and tactile, and I think the wine had to be for something. We start talking to get to know each other and then I prepare my things for the erotic massage. She explains to me that she is in the process of divorce and that she wishes to enjoy again her freedom. Nevertheless, the way she tells me tells me that this situation affects her and that the wish for divorce does not come from her but from her husband.

While chatting with her in the room, I realize that are arranged on the bedside table near the bed, 3 huge bottles of lubricant with the inscriptions “Fuck Water“. Then, taking a quick look at the rest of the room, I see on a shelf, a transparent box containing gigantic dildos. I smile and understand better the presence of “Fuck Water” now.

I then ask her what massage she chose and she answers the Kama. She asks me if she can put music through her laptop and I answer that it is possible. She takes it then, lies naked with her laptop, and informs me that I can start my massage. I start my massage then when it begins to get very hot, she turns to her laptop, clicks on several folders and shows a porn video of her and her husband. So I discovered live sex sextape of this couple while vibrating with pleasure this pretty American woman.

So some people are probably wondering why she put a sextape during her erotic massage? The answer is simple. She wanted to take pleasure by proxy, that is to say, imagining that it was her husband who gave it. Yes, by caring for naked women every day, feminine psychology has no secret for the Body Expert.

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