Vincent Body Expert to the Show of the eroticism 2016

Salon de l'érotisme 2016

As Erotic masseur, I was obliged to pass in the show of the eroticism. Before I went as visitor there and now I go as professional there. To start with, I am going to make for you a summary of what we find on the show and then I am going to tell you what I made low. Show of the eroticism but between us I shall say rather show of the porn. Why the naming eroticism and not porn then? Question of communication. The term eroticism is softer and less trash than porn. As the name Sexshop which was transformed Love shop. That allows to return a large public. In brief, it is really a show of the porn. While we find in this famous show there. You will have two zones.


The first zone forbidden at least of 16 years old includes the part sale of all the products of sexshops as well as their novelties (sextoys and vibrators going of Small to XXL, glossy lipstick blowjob, lubricants, paintings, board games, clothes and fine lingerie). This zone there is really the commercial exposure part and I do not tell you all the people which there is to stands and which buys without counting. It is impressive.


You will find, in this second zone forbidden at least of 18 years old, stands of meeting of sex club couples where the couples present themself, get acquainted and exchange their waits and experiences. You will also have stands of striptease where professionals of the lap dance will make the show so in public as in private. Porn actresses will also make photos sessions by posing in underwear next to you and will sign autographs. You will see a porn show with X actresses who will go up to you on stage all their performances solo and in duet in particular with men of the public. And finally, you can see a porn video production. Here is the program of the show.

Now concerning me. For those who know me, these people know that I am a business man and that I am never in mode tourist. Thus I went be known still a little more by measuring the paths of the show and by going to meet only women and couples. I discussed, discussed and distributed business cards as well in the paths as in stands and meeting places for the loose couples. You do not imagine the enthusiasm which people have when you propose them an original service of erotic massages for woman, which is developed nowhere and which answers their waits. And for some a little bit sceptical people when I their said that I was a professional, I showed my mobile phone where I presented my web site and there, I made them fantasize express. I also met in paths some couples which I have for customer. Then I took advantage of it to take of their news, their to ask if they came to see something in particular then me their exposed the reason of my presence on the show.

But as I know also how to ally the useful for the pleasant, I also took advantage of it to take, in a private capacity, some telephone numbers of girls in the very nice physical appearance.

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