The sexiest photo which CGT knew

CGT femme sexy

Well, we can say that we shall have crossed a tempestuous period with manifestations, strikes and shortages of gasoline at national level. The law El Khomri and the 49.3 will have been very much talked about. Obviously, it tempted me to make a sexy photo to illustrate the events.

Then for this particular opportunity, I infiltrated a manifestation against the El Komri law and I asked protestors wearing a CGT vest if one of them could give to me one. After several refusals, I found a protestator ready to give up it. Before he accepts, he asked me why then I answered to him that I wanted to make photos of ass with a girl who would wear a CGT vest. He believed that I joked then I showed him my website on my mobile phone. When he understood that I was serious, the project so excited him that he gave it to me. I told him that he would not find sexier photo of CGT than mine. By way of thanking, I promised to him to send him the original of the photo and in preview. In brief, I left with my vest at the hand and the smile by imagining what I was going to make with.

Thus I called a girl whom I know well to make a little shooting photos at my home and it left. Well we made about twenty erotic photos and, after having spent my time with my hands on her breasts and her pussy and vice versa, we didn’t wait a lot of time to fuck. Well strangely, that did not surprise me. And a thing which I can tell you, it is that it was more tempestuous than the manifestations. I have of then to take out handcuffs to capture her for incentive to the fuck but that has even more excited her. It is clear that it was necessary to expect such overflow.

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