Alert in the heat wave. This summer, think to drink water

Femme nue bouteille d'eau

Whereas the outside temperature reaches 40°C and that the air is hot and dry, I have an appointment with a young actress who begins in the porn and with whom I have already worked. We organized, during this scorching heat, a repetition in private before the shooting of a porn movie to make sure to be each at the top, to make no error and also for the pleasure.

Without losing of time, I ask her for what she brought as sexy lingerie and I choose the one who seems me the most attractive. I let her change in the bathroom and get dressed again completely. Once taken out of the bathroom, I make her a briefing of what I expect from her and I call back her that we have to each correct the other one if an error of technique or attitude arises. Everything being ready, I activate cameras and it left for the repetition.

I approach her, and of an arm, I seize her by the size and plate her against me. Of other arm, I cross my hand behind her head and seize her long hair which I pull behind to clear her neck which I bite wildly. I already see her every hothead by this direct and bestial introduction. Without waiting, she puts her hand on my jeans and presses my sex in erection then looks me straight in the eyes and causes me for a duel by bitting her lips. Her look shows the challenge as well as the ardent and pressing desire that I fuck her. It is exactly it I expected from her. The fire.

In brief, we fucked as savages during approximately 3 hours by having breaks and by improving every realized position and every technique. We so much fucked and transpired that a thick vapor masked windows, transforming the room into real hammam. We drank each a bottle of water of 1,5L during the session so much it was sports. I can also tell you that this girl fucks really very well and that it is rare to meet a girl who masters perfectly all the techniques, has stamina, always looks for to improve and knows how to stay natural. As I expected it, the training paid and the real shooting which followed impressed the customer.

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