Know everything about the vaginal fist

Fist vaginal

The fist is a technique which consists to penetrate completely the hand inside the pussy of the woman or her anus with the help of lubricat. It is a technique used by a category of women who like sensations of extreme dilation. For this article, we are going to focus on the vaginal fist.


My experience showed to me that the women the most susceptible to practise the fist are the ones who like the sex very hard and those who have the dilated pussy either because they have once already given birth, or because they are reached by obesity.

The women who like very hard

Among the women who like the sex very hard, I met several who ask me to fist them. And they are not the kind to to want to do that smoothly. Seen their dexterity, we see at once that they are used to have a complete hand in their pussy.

The women who gave birth to a 1st child by natural way

Some women, who have already had a first child by giving birth by natural way, who did not make reeducation to redevelop the muscle and recontract their pussy and who have then a more dilated pussy, look for something bigger that a cock to get them again of the pleasure.

The women reached of obesity

The women reached of obesity have too a cat dilated further to the excess of greasy mass which rules out the bones of their pond and which increases the space inside their pussy. And among these women, some look for as well sensations with something bigger as a cock.


Concerning the sensations of the fist, we have on one side, the woman who is going to take an intense pleasure with a sensation of extreme dilation of her pussy. And we have on the other side, the guy who is going to take pleasure to see his partner reaching an extreme level of pleasure. Nevertheless, there is an inconvenience as well for the woman as for the man to use regularly this technique. The more the woman is going to be made fisted and the more the sensations of the penetration with the cock are going to decrease as well for the woman as for the man.


To conclude, the fist asks to the woman to master perfectly her body to allow it to feel good extreme sensations. Nevertheless, this technique penalizes the woman and her partner by decreasing the sensations with a classic penetration with the cock.

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