Olympic Games 2016 very erotic

Jeux olympiques de Rio 2016

As you know, this Saturday, August 6th is officially the opening of the Olympic Games of Rio 2016. Then I am going to open these games in my own way with a series of sexy, erotic photos and maybe even pornographic.


Naked girl gymnasticIt asks a lot of training. And as coach, I had do her and do her again this figure a lot of time to be sure that her performance deserves Olympics Games. Position of gluteus, arms, mouth, tongue, everything must be perfectly positioned and synchronized, quite uninhibitedly. That’s it the high-level sport.

In any case, among my circle of acquaintances, this photo gave, as well to the girls as to the guys, the desire practice sport. It is crazy as it is easier to motivate people to pratice sport with a photo of bottom that by blowing them the benefactions of the sport for the health.


English boxing naked girl

It is a old story the boxing and I. Usually, it is less sexy, it is very rare to meet a girl there and it is more violent. With this young lady, the only KO which I risk is with one of its breasts. And seen her breasts, I am ready to take the risk. If that arrives at me, I think of drawing a last smile before falling on the ground. In any case, I can tell you that it is more pleasant than one left right from a guy of 90kg overtrained.

Let us return to this charming creature. Level seduction she and I, us are each of the very good technicians. But I have techniques ground well now and for lack of having put her in the ropes, I rather put her in my bed. And we began an other fight much more sex.

Who went out victorious of the fight? The Body Expert of course. My sexiest of the opponents forfeitured at the end of very very long rounds. I had more of cardio that her. Question of experience. She may have had breaks between every round, it missed her this bit extra to overcome me. It is what made the difference.

But knowing her, I am certain that she will want to take her revenge very soon. In the meantime, I let her train to put back me to the challenge.

In any case, the next guys whom she is going to meet are not going to understand what is going to arrive at them. It has it who have the fury at the stomach, she would have rather the fury at the pussy.


Horse riding naked girlRide a woman takes all her sense on this photo. To have riding one time, I can tell you that I am more agile to ride women than on horses. In brief, go back to our pretty equine.

Welcome in my harem… I wanted to say stud farm. That I could tell you on this attractive pure blood. The least we can say, it is because this mare has the hot blood besides the fact whether it is its period of reproduction.

But my big capacities of wild animals trainer allowed me to tame this mare. Once the confidence was established with some apples and oat flakes, I was very quickly able to saddle my pretty specimen.

After a training pushed with this beautiful equine, I decided to present us to Olympic Games to represent the hope of the french horse riding.


Judo naked girlIt’s the biter bit. I am a greenhorn in Judo but I have some similar skills. For example, I already know some seizures and certain fixed assets as many women appreciate.

Once on my knees, buttocks in the air, I made to this young woman the famous ultimate technique which Sensei Orgasmo Mimayoto taught me. And I can tell you that I opened all the chackras of this charming young lady. But, maybe not only her chakras.

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