What are the profiles of the customers blacklisted?

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I said to myself that it could be an original subject. The Blacklist is customers’ list which I have either got simply on the phone, or seen during an erotic massage at home and with which the current passed not at all from my my side. Well, it is normal that on an important quantity of appointment it happens. And good for I, because that does stories to tell.

Worth knowing that these women or these couples, which are on this list, were in the excess in various domains: star’s whims, authoritarianism, repetitive cancellations, demands of free prices, etc. Each month, my list grows up of one contact.

As you can see, it is not either my everyday life Blacklist. But I wanted to share with you also this rather interesting approach which not much world develops.


The capricious persons with their  » you could make this, then that and still this  » asked excessively.

The authoritarian with their  » do this, do that, not like that and bla bla bla « , during a whole session and said in a unpleasant way. I remain courteous and apply to make the opposite of what we ask me.

The followers of the cancellations of appointment which confirm and cancel 3 times their appointment of the same day.
– We have on one side the shy persons who fantasize to have an erotic massage and who within the hour do not know any more if they will dare to do it.
– Then on the other hand, we have the not organized, the angry of the diary which arrange various appointments to several people at the same time and which notice that they cannot honor their appointment. Then they cancel and move at an another hour when they forget that they have another appointment and so on.

The husbands fantasmers who call me to tell their life sexual of couple, by making the error believe that that is going to excite me, and who never take an appointment.

The negotiators of prices for whose complete free access some go as far as asking.
– Some sell the merits of their beauty by thinking that it will be exceptional for me to have a so beautiful customer. Except that attractive customers I have it every day. Moreover, if you want to know the reasons, I invite you to read my interview. Then especially, I do not make commercial price according to the beauty of a customer.
– And others think that it is me who am going to take some pleasure and that it is a privilege for me. Except that that I do not make this job to set I of the pleasure but to give it. If I take it it is good and if I do not set it is very also.

The negotiators of price whose men have a different approach to ask for a free demand. They sell me too the beauty of their wife but by sending me their photos are dressed in lascivious positions or naked. But once more, I remain stoical in in front of this method of seduction.

The couples in disagreement wich husband does me come for an erotic massage for his wife, who persuades me that his wife agrees and where I arrive, I notice that the woman is neither informed, nor all right. Classic reaction of shy men who do not dare to communicate and to express their fantasies with his wife and who try to pass in strength.


Unfortunately no. Once in Blacklist, it is ended, we do not get out of it any more. Make me glitter more money has no slightest effect on me. I work with principles. As for the excuses, I accept them because it is necessary to know how to forgive but it limits itself to that.

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