When the girls criticize the sexual performances of the guys

Ce que disent les filles des mecs

Well generally, when the girls speak about their guys to the bed it is not often for the better. The problem when the guys fuck a girl, it is that they are too soft, too kind, too romantic. They do not fuck her as they wish it, nor rather often. They do not fuck somewhere else that in the bed. They abandon the pleasure of the girl. They do not question their level to become better. In fact that makes many problems. And that, the girls hate. How I know it? With my job, girls tell me all, freely, without taboo. And I can tell you that the men nowadays have no very good picture. They are thought of as small natures or big children. In any case, no men.


I often tell to the girls that it is normal that the guys nowadays fuck badly. I their say that it is not ducks, guys who make beautiful to wear pink, to put skin-tight clothes, jewels, to use perfume or guys who play video games who are going to fuck them as men. Now, see the confidences of women about their guys and their adventures.


  • Impossible to find a guy who knows well to fuck me.
  • If I had no lovers, I would not be any more with him so much he fucks badly.
  • Well, that goes 5 min but needs that he puts the second. I do not know for what he waits.
  • I wait for the guy who knows how to put me a good beating. Without that, I shall never respect him.
  • He has that 27 years and he wants to fuck me only in a bed. The coal nut.
  • I tell him that I just want sex and after we fuck for the first time together, he tells me that he loves me. I looked forward to getting rid of it.
  • There are also those who try to fill their absence of performance by raw words by thinking that that will make more effect than a cock.
  • There are guys who did not understand that to fuck does not mean being lacking respect when we are in couple.
  • I don’t like when a guy fucks me too long in the same position. Needs to vary pleasures.
  • There is which always does the same thing in a perfectly chronological order. No imagination.
  • Those who linger too long over cunni. Especially if at the end of 20 min we did not enjoy, it is necessary to deduct that from it that excites us not that much or that from it he is not endowed.
  • A guy who did not absolutely want to have sperm on him put himself of wipes everything on him before I begin to my handjob.
  • I knew a guy who believed that my nipples were buttons of sound system to turn them permanently in a sense then in the other one.
  • Have you guys’ kind also which make that to lick our pussy during an eternity. They know how to make only that, we would say lesbians.
  • There is one, he kissed me so much that I did not even any more feel my lips drying.
  • And I reserve you the best for the end. Another girl is fucked for the first time by her new guy. She considers it too romantic and tells him irritated ” But hit in the bottom, I am not your mother. “

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