These women who enjoy as premature ejaculators

Femme orgasme précoce

You already all heard about premature ejaculators at the men. But did you know that certain women could have also premature orgasms? And well it is the case. And I shall call these premature women.


I thus realized that there were premature women when I met several women who had an orgasm within 2 minutes, without we are still begun to fuck, just by stimulating barely with fingers. Their reaction was so disproportionate, compared with the intensity of the stimulation which I made, which that left me inquiring. Until I understand that these women had, exactly as certain men, a physical hyper sensibility and an impossibility to control their body. The only difference between men and women, it is because the precocity affect approximately 40 % of men, against 1 % of women.


Then, among these women, there are also those whom we call the multi-orgasmic. It is women who have orgasm to orgasm. Then the men can say themselves it is fantastic to get so much pleasure. But once again, everything depends if she controls it or not. When you have to make for a woman who is hypersensitive, who does not manage to control her body, and who is obliged to break off every 2 minutes in each orgasm, that breaks enormously the rhythm and the pleasure for the man. In fact these men meet exactly the same problem as the women who fuck with men premature ejaculators. The latter have the capacity to begin again several times of sharpened, but by being obliged to make a multitude of breaks between every resumption.


To conclude, you know now that the precocity and the absence of control of the body concern as well the men as the women, even if the proportion is very different.

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