A friend visits my new studio in works

Femme allongée sur homme

For several months, I do up completely a new studio which is going to be again of use to me office. It is more a refreshment, it is of the renovation. But meanwhile, a friend whom I know well came to visit me to give myself her impressions. And without having taken time to visit all the rooms, she really wanted that I visit certain parts of her body. I am so going to present you the advance of works in my own way with some erotic pictures that you will not certainly find in pages of magazine Leroy Merlin. I can say you that the hands of a woman who masturbate you while you work, that decentralizes.


A slap on woman ass

As you will have understood it, this attractive brunette had not come on the construction site to inspect the quality of my work, nor by passion of the pottering, nory for a massage. My skills as regards the sex were more her source of motivation. I might have told her that I was busy to the creation of a studio and that I was not available, nothing seemed to stop her to fuck with me. She wanted absolutely that I fuck her now and not in a 1 week. Already knowing her talents about sex, I was allowed tempted by a sex break. Then to begin and on her request, I began to make redden the buttocks with some very sound slaps.


Work and blowjob

Surprising thing, she was faster well with her mouth than me with my saw. And it is necessary to recognize that for the blowjob she had a certain master of the tongue. Her mouth is little as the bottomless hat of the magician. We can put everything up to the end without touching the bottom. She makes left the rare women to master the deepthroat and as she knows it, she does not hesitate to insist on this technique to show me that she masters and to give me a maximum of sensations.



As she was more and more provocative with me, I told her afterward that any misdemeanor would be punished. Then she opened to me her legs and she began finger her pussy and her ass. We did not certainly think of the same misdemeanor. I thus have of to show authority and to punish this casualness by fucking her wildly against the ground.



I had left initially for 1 hour of fuck then in the end we left on 4 hours of fuck. And as our attractive brunette is a follower of the wild and dynamic rides, I decided to end my session of works by taking out again more brutal techniques than I kept for the end. And I can tell you that at the speed where I went and with the shock waves which I gave, she was not able anymore of taking the slightest measure at this moment there.

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