Vincent Body Expert
Mobile phone : +33 7 81 88 11 75

Discretion assured

At your hotel or your home – Paris IDF
7D/7 – 8am to midnight

You can also contact me an e-mail at where an answer will be transmitted you within 24h. For a demand of an appointment for today, thank you for contacting me only on my mobile phone.


Know that all the people who try to make an appointment with me and who, in spite of several attempts, stay without answer, are on my Blacklist for problem of behavior. All the people find themselves automatically on my Blacklist who cancel their appointment without warning or the D day or in a too much repeated way, the people who try to negotiate the prices, people in the unfriendly remarks as well as men who make me come and where I see that their wife does not want erotic service. Once in Blacklist, any negotiation is possible for leave from it. It is impossible to take an appointment.


You must be major and thus be more than 18 years old. Any information concerning the customer remains strictly confidential. All pets are stood apart the room where I work the time of the session.

Concerning the erotic massage part

The erotic massages are reseved only for women. For the spouses, they have the possibility of being present either to look, or to participate. For each erotic massage, customer will be completely naked. I reserve the right to refuse to do an erotic massage if medical contraindications appear. If the erotic massage takes place at your home or your hotel, it will be asked to you to plan two bath towels to protect your bed of a possible task of oil. An erotic massage is intended for the well-being, has no therapeutic purpose and is similar not at all to the Physiotherapy. It is without prescription and not taken care by the Social Security.

Concerning the making porn movie part

You are the only owner of the video. I don’t keep any copy. Each video I realize for you is a private and you commit to you to not sale it, nor to broadcast it on any media support (internet, press, television…).