Fans and girls met during evenings

Little preview of a very hot Parisian

Here is a pretty Parisian that I know well. For starters, I first went to the subway by car. Once mounted in my car, we discuss for ten minutes to catch news respectively, then suddenly at a red light, she opens the belt of my pants and unbuttoned. She then sneaks her hand to grab my cock, leans over it and sucks me. I see that she does not waste time. I strip immediately so it excites me. I also take care in rolling that no one sees us the rest of the way, while the pretty Parisian strikes my cock to suck me and jerk me more and more energetically. I ask her if she plans to enjoy me right now, and she answers me no.

We arrive at home, then she tells me that she has booked a surprise and asks me to wait a few moments time to change in the bathroom. Two minutes pass, and I see her come out completely undressed, wearing only a white thong and a garter. Aie aie aie! I feel very motivated, so I approach her, puts a vigorous slap on the buttocks, and the fight begins. During 1:30, I gave her 5 orgasms. As for this young lady, she gave me one at the end. So we can conclude that I won the war.

A reader and her autographed book

Here is a reader who had her book on fucking techniques written by her author, and tested the new techniques she learned in my textbook. To immortalize this meeting, we made a porn photo that I autographed, and she gave me a demonstration of all her new talents before making me enjoy like never before. There is no doubt, my book is fearsome.

Porn recording during the heat wave

While the outside temperature reaches 40 ° C and the air is hot and dry, I have an appointment with a young actress who starts in porn and with whom I have already worked. We organized, during this hot heat, a rehearsal in private before the shooting of a porn movie to ensure everyone is at the top, to make no mistake. Without wasting time, I ask her what she has brought as sexy lingerie, and I choose the one that seems most attractive to me. Then I go to the mission briefing, and remind her of what I expect from her and that each one must correct the technical mistakes or attitude of the other.

Everything is ready, I activate the cameras and left a rehearsal of 3 hours of wild fucking where our eyes are constantly provoking a duel. That’s exactly what I expected from her. Fire. In the end, we had so much fucked and perspired that a thick mist had hidden the windows, turning the room into a real steam room. We each drank a 1.5L bottle of water during the session because it was sporty. As I expected the training paid off, and the real porn shoot that followed impressed the crowd.

2 pretty soccer fans

I have never been interested in football, but I find their fans very attractive. So I contribute in my way to the passion of football, by sharing the nude photos of 2 pretty Parisian fans.

The sexy presidential selfie 2017

Now, when I turn on the TV, it’s impossible to escape the presidential elections, the upcoming assumptions and the polls that change every day according to the alignment of the planets. I thought that something important was missing in these elections, and neither of the two candidates had touched on their agenda. Sex! So as a new presidential candidate, I will unveil to you the different themes of my program that will change the future of the country.

If I am elected President, my first big step will be the mandatory wearing of garter belt. My second major reform will be the reduction of employer contributions to all companies whose employees fuck in the office. In a Republican spirit and equality, I will then add the recognition and legalization of the promotion couch to remove the inequality of opportunities for career development among women employees so that they all have the same opportunities. I will reduce taxes on condoms. And finally, I will restore the military service of fuck, mandatory for 1 year. In the same way that some do not know how to read and write, I do not want any more women who do not know how to jerk off or suck their spouses and that men do not know how to finger or fuck their wives. All this must change. We must go to France of progress. Then in the second round, on Sunday May 7, 2017, vote Vincent Body Expert.

Sexy photo of Brexit

Personally when I see that, I’m for Brexit. I am so that this nice glut find more independence and autonomy. I’m not going through an intermediary to make ass pics with me. And if to bring her pussy of my dick, she must present a passport at the border, personally that I do not have any problem. I’m even ready to help her make new passport photos … for her passport. I am the specialist in the manufacture of biometric passports with fingerprint of the pussy. It may be a little surprise customs but I’m sure that passes. What is less likely to happen is when checking baggage. When the customs will realize that this little atomic bomb carries no pants, no t-shirts, no sweaters but thongs, garter belts, tangas, stockings, and bras, she will end stuck S obligatorily.

Let’s move on to the economy now. If the pound has fallen, I can tell you that the appetite of English-level sex has increased. City traders should invest in this correlation. If I was in finance, I would invest in the sectors of lingerie and condoms because I have never seen as much rapprochement of English pussies as since Brexit. If this is the apocalypse that was announced by the anti Brexit, it satisfies me.

Miss Fifty Shades and her new anal plug 

Here are 2 pictures of Miss Fifty Shades. The first is an MMS she sent me to make an appointment with me. A sexy MMS straight to the point, that’s classy. It changes traditional phone calls or SMS. Then, when I replied that I will be available, she informed me that she had bought a new anal plug specifically to make a picture with me for my site.

Would Miss Fifty Shades keep her promise by telling me that she would come with an anal plug for our date fuck? The answer is yes. Always sexy, always horny, always incandescent. So I began by undressing her very hot and then, when by the greatest chance my hands arrived on her buttocks, I felt something in the shape of a circle under her thong. She tells me she has worn her anal plug all the way from home to home. You can not imagine all the people who came across this pretty woman during her trip and none of whom suspected she was wearing an anal plug with a diamond between her buttocks. His discretion is almost a secret agent’s skill.

I then take off her black garter belt, and I laid her on the bed, back to me. Then I spread his buttocks to take the time to contemplate, like a jeweler, every facet of this diamond. Of course, as a professional, I had to make an estimate. So I had to carry out some manual manipulations which made to arch our pretty carrier of jewels.

Erotic selfie of Olympiques games of Rio

What can I tell you about this young woman? She is a little under thirty, she is brown, and rather pretty. I met this young woman at a party, and when I told her my job, she was very intrigued. And her curious nature pushed her to want to test my sex skills. As I had already fucked enough that day, I offered to go home the next day, and she accepted my proposal with pleasure.

The next day, I took out the big game with fucking techniques she did not even suspect the requirement. I shocked her with every orgasm she had. I hammered her orgasms for 4 hours. What is rare to note is that she was rather enduring. It made me happy because I always find it difficult to find women who manage to keep up my pace. In short, once our long session of fucking ended, I invited her to cool off by taking a shower, and offered her to make a naked selfie with her t-shirt of the Olympic Games. Then she left completely exhausted.