Erotic massages in Paris and IDF

Discover the first space of erotic and naturist massage in Paris and in Ile-de-France reserved to women. Available in your hotel or in your home, these massages will bring you fantasies, excitement and many other strong sensations. For those who do not still know me, I am Vincent Body Expert, the specialist of erotic massage for woman. Every day, I mass naked women in the most diverse waits in hotest positions the some that the others. You will find a whole selection of erotic and naturist massages with different levels of intensity of pleasure. It can be very sex, provocative, with domination or simply sensual. Live the most exciting experience of the naturist massage in Paris.

Savor profoundly intense pleasures with Rocco or make the temperature rise with the xXx and its hot undressing, its erotic shower and its orgasmic final. Vibrate of excitement with Kama and its positions of kamasutra in the very moved closer contact. Experiment the Fifty Shades and take pleasure to be dominated and to feel the strength of a man. Or fantasize with the Sensual by its lightness and its sensual delight. Come to discover what you will find in no other parisian massage parlor, massages very sex exclusively for women.

The Rocco: 400 € / 1h
The erotic massage in Paris the most bestial

Erotic massage ParisIt is the erotic massage in Paris the most sex, the most hard. It is reserved to women who like the wild side, a bestial pleasure, animal and who want to rediscover the real nature of a man, that of the strength in the state brute, of the power and of the virility. Inspired by the famous Italian porn actor Rocco Siffredi, this erotic massage is reserved to the women who know what they want: an Expert of the feminine body and a real Male for a bestial pleasure. But attention, il will test severely your endurance. Intense and without letting up, this massage will make you perspire and burn all calories of your body so that at the end, you are wasted, exhausted, emptied of any energy. The only limits will be the ones of your imagination. It is the erotic massage in Paris the most disproportionate which will make you discover what was until then inaccessible in our capital, the performance of a Professional for an unique naturist experience, orgasmic and without limit.

The xXx: 350 € / 1h
The naturist massage at 3 levels of temptation

This naturist massage for woman in Paris is composed of 3 levels: your undressing by myself, an shower at two for a body body fired and to finish a naturist massage. Your naturist masseur is going to begin to remove, one by one, each of your clothes, and believe me, you go to be hot before being completely naked. And by looking at the dexterity of my hands on your body to undress you, you will understand while the next step is going to be more than hot. Then, I shall guide you to remove, in your turn, some of my clothes. After this preliminary first one, I take you to the bathroom for the most erotic shower which you never took with a man. After that, you will not see any more your bathroom as a simple room but as a place where you had intense shivers, an intense excitement and a desire uncontrollable of sex. Once your body was excited enough, I get to the heart of the subject: you! The continuation is a ardent body to body where I entraine you with virility towards a fire of the senses which will make you vibrate until the deepest of your being. Then, you will do the incredible experience of one of my specialities, the massage without hands. And let your hands and your mouth slide on my body to enjoy some Strength and the Vigour of an Athlete.

The Fifty Shades: 300 € / 1h
The naturist massage and its erotic domination

This naturist massage in Paris and in IDF is an experience of domination of the most exciting. It is going to make you discover SM pleasures bandaged eyes and attached hands. Without seeing anything during this massage, you will guess nevertheless easily all the strength and the power which will get free of the male for which you submit yourselves. Your naturist masseur is going to resurface your most primary erotic instincts and will fire all your desires. At times, I shall pull you by hair to remind to you who dominates you. I shall seize you wrists with strength so that you are under my influence. I will give you slaps on your buttocks to punish any disobedience and any resistance. I will open your legs with energy to pass my hands between and make you wet a maximum. At the end, your naked body and your red buttocks will remember having passed between my hands. During this massage, you will belong to me completely and will be under my total domination. Like the heroine of 50 Nuances of Grey, you will become my Sex Slave.

The Kama: 200 € / 1h
The naturist massage in the positions of Kamasutra

This naturist massage in Paris does itself in positions of Kamasutra for a maximum of pleasure. In this naturist massage for woman, each position will test your limits in the temptation. I am going to take you in many positions of Kamasutra. Lengthened on the stomach, you will feel behind you all my body sliding in a very erotic way on your. I will lift then your buttocks to put you in doggy-style where you will feel all the excitement of the contact between my pond and your buttocks. When I will have increased the sexual tension to its maximum, you will have only a envy in head and this one will become more and more intense. I will continue by turning you on the back and once positioned between your legs, I will move closer to your body of mine for a maximal contact and I will make wave your body of excitement to do lose you the reason. Available in Paris and IDF, this naturist massage will make you wet of excitement up to the paroxysm to end in a total ecstasy.

The Sensual: 150 € / 1h
The erotic massage in Paris the most delight

It is the erotic massage the most sensual, the most delight where I remain dressed and which addresses to women a little bit shy. Awaken all the senses of your body smoothly and savor these subtle contacts bringing to your body of divine shivers. Gradually, the Sensual Massage is going to request the erogenous zones of your body frivolously and firmness. On the stomach, you will feel the hands of your erotic masseur traveling your back sensually, then these will slide towards yours where I shall make cross our fingers. My hands will take back then their way to come down sensually on your buttocks, to linger then between your legs. After that, I will start again on the back and I shall begin to request the sensibility of your breasts to cause one any other excitement then my hands will come down again towards the most sensitive place of your body for an indescribable pleasure. And if you want to see me completely naked, you have the possibility to have this massage in naturist version.