5 erotic massages in Paris and IDF very hot

Discover the erotic massage in Paris and in Ile-de-France for woman. Fantasies, excitement and orgasmic sensations are going to make you live a unique and intense erotic experience. Choose the erotic massage at your hotel or at your home and choose the intensity of the eroticism through a range of 5 erotic and naturist massages in Paris and in IDF who can get you of very sex, of provocateur, of the domination or of sensual. Discover ardent pleasures with the specialist of the erotic massage for woman Vincent Body Expert.

Rocco: 400 € / 1h
The erotic massage in Paris the most bestial

Erotic massage ParisIt is the erotic massage in Paris the most sex, the most hard. It is reserved to women who like the wild side, a bestial pleasure, animal and who want to rediscover the real nature of a man, that of the strength in the state brute, of the power and of the virility.

Inspired by the famous Italian porn actor Rocco Siffredi, this erotic massage is reserved to the women who know what they want: an Expert of the feminine body and a real Male for a bestial pleasure. But attention, il will test severely your endurance. Intense and without letting up, this massage will make you perspire and burn all calories of your body so that at the end, you are wasted, exhausted, emptied of any energy. The only limits will be the ones of your imagination. It is the erotic massage in Paris the most disproportionate which will make you discover what was until then inaccessible in our capital, the performance of a Professional for an unique naturist experience, orgasmic and without limit.

xXx: 350 € / 1h
The naturist massage at 3 levels of temptation

This naturist massage for woman in Paris is composed of 3 levels: your undressing by myself, an shower at two for a body body fired and to finish a naturist massage.

Your naturist masseur is going to begin to remove, one by one, each of your clothes, and believe me, you go to be hot before being completely naked. And by looking at the dexterity of my hands on your body to undress you, you will understand while the next step is going to be more than hot. Then, I shall guide you to remove, in your turn, some of my clothes. After this preliminary first one, I take you to the bathroom for the most erotic shower which you never took with a man. After that, you will not see any more your bathroom as a simple room but as a place where you had intense shivers, an intense excitement and a desire uncontrollable of sex. Once your body was excited enough, I get to the heart of the subject: you! The continuation is an ardent body to body where I entraine you with virility towards a fire of the senses which will make you vibrate until the deepest of your being. Then, you will do the incredible experience of one of my specialities, the massage without hands. And let your hands and your mouth slide on my body to enjoy some Strength and the Vigour of an Athlete.

Fifty Shades: 300 € / 1h
The naturist massage and its erotic domination

Discover the pleasures of the erotic domination in Paris with the naturist massage Fifty Shades and feel wild pleasures the bandaged eyes and the attached hands.

During the first half of the session, you will have the bandaged eyes. Your senses will guess nevertheless all the strength and the power which will get free of the male for which you submit yourselves. Your naturist masseur is going to resurface your most primary erotic instincts and will fire all your desires. At times, I shall pull you by hair to remind to you who dominates you. I shall seize you wrists with strength so that you are under my influence. I will give you slaps on your buttocks to punish any disobedience and any resistance. I will open your legs with energy to pass my hands between and make you wet a maximum. At the end, your naked body and your red buttocks will remember having passed between my hands. During this massage, you will belong to me completely and will be under my total domination. Like the heroine of 50 Nuances of Grey, you will become my Sex Slave.

Kama: 200 € / 1h
The naturist massage in the positions of Kamasutra

This naturist massage in Paris is made in the positions of Kamasutra to get you a maximum of pleasure and test your limits in the temptation.

You will begin lengthened on the stomach and will feel behind you all my body sliding in a very erotic way on yours. I will lift then your buttocks to put you in doggy-style where you will feel all the excitement of the contact between my pond and your buttocks. When I will have increased the sexual tension to its maximum, you will have only a envy in head and this one will become more and more intense. I will continue by turning you on the back and once positioned between your legs, I will move closer to your body of mine for a maximal contact and I will make wave your body of excitement to do lose you the reason. Available in Paris and IDF, this naturist massage will make you wet of excitement up to the paroxysm to end in a total ecstasy.

Sensual: 150 € / 1h
The erotic massage in Paris the most delight

This is the erotic massage the most sensual, the most delight where I remain dressed and which addresses to women a little bit shy and where I stay dressed. Awaken all the senses of your body smoothly and savor these subtle contacts bringing to your body of divine shivers.

Gradually, the Sensual Massage is going to request the erogenous zones of your body frivolously and firmness. On the stomach, you will feel the hands of your erotic masseur traveling your back sensually, then these will slide towards yours where I shall make cross our fingers. My hands will take back then their way to come down sensually on your buttocks, to linger then between your legs. After that, I will start again on the back and I shall begin to request the sensibility of your breasts to cause one any other excitement then my hands will come down again towards the most sensitive place of your body for an indescribable pleasure. And for those who wish to see me completely naked, this sensual massage in Paris is available also in naturist version.


For the people who would like to know if my erotic massages are really good, I invite you to consult my Golden book of orgasms. Orgasmic moment, intense, successful pleasure, rises of adrenalin, explosion of pleasures … such are qualifiers used by the women to describe their erotic massage in Paris with the Body Expert.


Welcome in the space dedicated in sexy selfies with customers. Here all the women can express in photo and in a anonymous way (without the face), their potential of seducer, femme fatale, agitator or of porn star. You can show the part of your body of which you are the most proud, in the most erotic positions, quite freely, and anonymity. I also reassure the prospective customers, selfies is not compulsory. I make selfies only with those who want to make it.

Massage very sex in Paris with a false shy person

Massage sexe ParisThese attractive buttocks belong to the mistress of my customer. Hey yes, it arrives from time to time that a man calls me not so that I take care of his wife, but her mistress. The unofficial women have too need for attention and for erotic pleasures. In brief, this charming couple, which appreciates the hot pleasures, receives me regularly in their foot on the ground on Paris with a very good welcome. Champagne, petit fours, sexy dress, and high heels on behalf of Madam are there to offer me the best welcome. And I shall admit you that it is made a success.

Let us return to this attractive brunette there. This one has for peculiarity to be always shy the first 10 minutes in spite of our previous meetings. On the other hand, after these 10 minutes and some tactile magic tricks, it is no more the same woman. She always chooses the massage the more sex, the more hard, which is Rocco. Because she adores slaps on buttocks and to be hair pulled.

But in spite of her ardour, she is obliged to have breaks regularly. Concerning her, they are rather breaks Champagne. That helps her to reshape. Difficult to put to the test the Body Expert Body on the ground of the endurance. But she already knows it, and also takes pleasure to challenge me to see if she can crack me.

A Kenyan tourist discovers the erotic massage in Paris

Massage érotique Paris femme kenyaneContacted on the social network Snapchat, a young woman of Kenya speaks to me in English to book an erotic massage on Paris. She indicates to me that her husband wishes to offer to he one with me, that she has already seen numerous rather hot Snaps that I made with customers, and that she is very incited at the idea of meeting a professional. Then we book an appointment for her passage on Paris next month.

The day of the meeting arrive and I move in a very nice hotel. I meet then my interlocutor of Snapchat who turns out to be a very attractive woman with a beaming smile. Joyful of meeting me and put under stress at the same time, I discuss with her to get acquainted and make her comfortable, while preparing my affairs for the naturist massage Kama which she chose. The continuation was very erotic and very dynamic.

Her husband who can not attend the show, my customer asks me to film some extracts of the session with my mobile phone and to send these live videos to his husband to excite him. Then during the session, I take my telephone repeatedly and film the best angles to offer to the husband the most exciting scenes. Here is an overview of my session with this delicious tourist come from Kenya.

The woman in the black bodysuit and the erotic masseur of Paris

Masseur érotique ParisThese attractive buttocks are the ones of a customer having welcomed me at her home in a small very exciting black bodysuit, and emphasizing perfectly the hot curves of his body. When a woman carries this type of holding, we have not desire to remove him at once to take advantage of it still a little. In brief, this evening there, I arrive in his apartment on Paris and I discover another attractive woman. But this time, in the Mediterranean origins. She is a dark brunette in the skin matte.

She receives me directly in her black bodysuit, in high heels, and with a small white jacket leaving voluntarily a plunging view on her breasts. She suggests then me getting acquainted a little around a glass of wine before beginning the naturist massage. With the experience, I know very well that the glass of wine is only to help him disinhibit, and not for the gustative pleasure. Once her small shyness was decreased, I take over and pass for the first reason which does that she asked me to pass at her home this evening. I put my hands on her, travel the curves of her body through her black bodysuit, and break in brightness her last moments of false shyness. In a hot embrace, I show her then why people say that I am the best erotic masseur of Paris.

The hot massage of my very sexy customer quibbles

Massage torride ParisWho said that the Chinese were shy? This photo in string and opened legs should bring you the contrary proof. Here is my customer quibbles who, for her 1st appointment, asks me by telephone if my massages are really erotic. I deduct that from it she is afraid that they are not hot enough for her. I explain to her then to what extent my massages are the hotest of Paris. I convince her and she confirms the appointment.

Once there, the young woman also asks me if I have already had Asian customers. I answer her that I met women of all the countries of the world, including the Chinese. During the session, she too asks me to take photos for her absent husband. She gives me her mobile phone and I photograph her in the most suggestive positions, the most erotic, the most… pornographic.

Once the massage was ended, the young woman looks at me with a smile, while being breathless. This one left me one very, very good memory. I can say that we exchanged a lot of our cultures during the good hour half.

A woman makes me a surprise during an erotic massage

Selfie sexy VincentIt is the kind of appointment that remains memorized. I have an appointment one evening with a woman whom I have already seen twice previously for naturist massages. And for this third time, she tells me the day before by SMS that there is a surprise which waits for me. Her message instigates now my curiosity and I do not have more than to wait to discover it.

The evening of the appointment comes and I appear at her home. It is a fair-haired woman, in shoulder-length hair and in thin silhouette. I must say that she is a very beautiful woman. This evening there, she wears a casual but sexy clothes all the same. Small trendy top, small skirt and stocking. I approach her and tighten her against me. Then I begin to make slide my hands on her body while eying intently her. My eyes browse her from the bottom up then stop on the inscription of her T-shirt where is written “Good things come from bad minds“. I smile and take off her top.

My hands come down then on her buttocks which I take firmly. The excitement and the desire one of the other one already is felt. I slide then a hand under its skirt and notice that it wears nothing. She is completely naked under her small skirt. The heat rises then, in front of she, I kneel down and made to slide the zipper of its skirt to open it completely and deprive of her. And as my 2 hands go down her skirt along its hurt legs, I see her raised of one garterbelt. Aie aie aie. That becomes more and more hot. But it is not finished. There is something of written on her sex. I see my first name written there, with an arrow going downward indicating me the direction to be followed. I like this kind of surprise. It is original and very exciting. I take then my mobile phone and I take a selfie to immortalize all this. As for what passed then, it is a secret.