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Welcome in the space dedicated to selfies most sex with customers, fans, porn actresses, girls met during parties, etc. Here all the women can express in photo and in a anonymous way (without the face), their potential of seducer, femme fatale, seductress or porn actress. You can show the part of your body of which you are the most proud in the most erotic positions quite freely and anonymity.


Erotic massage of a kenyan sexy girl

Contacted on the social network Snapchat, a young woman of Kenya speaks to me in English to have information on my erotic massages and indicates me that her husband wishes to offer her one with me. She indicates me that she has already seen numerous sexy Snaps whom I made with customers and whom she is very incited at the idea of meeting a professional. Then we book an appointment for her passage on Paris next month. The day of the appointment arrive and I move in a very nice hotel. I meet then my interlocutor of Snapchat who turns out to be a very attractive woman with a beaming smile. Joyful of meeting me and put under stress at the same time, I discuss with her to get acquainted while preparing my staff for the massage. Once quite prepared, it is the moment to take action. And the continuation was very erotic.


Black light

Here is a young woman of the Paris region followed me since a few months on Snapchat and who knew that I shall be present in the show of the eroticism to Rungis. She thus came with a friend specially to meet me. We met on the spot in paths and discussed sex naturally. As she looked delighted to meet me, I suggested her joining at the end of the show. And the continuation you know it.


Hôtel, champagne et massage naturiste

It is summer, it is hot, 95°F but it is sure that it is much more hot in the room 410 of this hotel. We are in the room and before beginning the naturist massage xXx, my customer calls reception to order a bottle of champagne Taittinger. A person goes up to our room, brings us bottle and asks us if we wish reedy to drink it. I anticipate my customer and answer by smiling that we shall have not need of it. The man understands by the way I answered him that the champagne will not be there to awaken our taste buds but that is going to be hot. In brief, we have now a good bottle and I have full of erotic ideas to do with. I begin by undressing partially the young woman, made lengthen on the bed then I pour her champagne on the body which I drink then. Once excitement was installed at her, I take her under the shower. I pour the completeness of the remainder of the bottle on our two bodies and we take a shower of champagne very very sex.


Une fan de YouTube

Then this attractive Parisian is a woman who discovered me on YouTube with my video How to do a blowjob and she very fast became a fan of what I made. And as many fans, them are always ready of giving the best of them even. Then this one reserved me a particular dress for our first meeting. Small transparent yellow top to show without showing too much, the whole in adequacy with its yellow G-string and her low blacks. Our small bee is very sex. But as it was already enough warm in the room, best for her was that I remove her everything. I think of her well-being for that she feels more comfortable. As for me, she asked me why I had not removed my watch. Then I answered her that without my watch, I had the impression to be naked and that I was someone chaste. That gave her to smile. As for the continuation, I excited her completely. No half-measure, only of the immoderation. Needs to show why we have the title of Body Expert.


Femme body noirHere is a very sexy customer having welcomed me at her home in a particularly exciting dress. A small very sexy black bodysuit from H&M emphasizing perfectly the hot curves of her body. When a woman wears this type of dress, we have not desire to take it off now to take advantage of a little bit. In brief, this evening there, I arrive in her flat on Paris and I discover another attractive woman. But this time, to Mediterranean origins. It is a dark brunette to the matte skin. She receives me directly in her black bodysuit, in high heels and with a small white jacket leaving voluntarily a plunging view on her breasts. She suggests then to me getting acquainted a little around a glass of wine before beginning the naturist massage. With the experience, I know very well that the glass of wine is only here to help her to disinhibit her and not for the gustative pleasure. Once her small decreased shyness, I take over and pass for the first reason which makes that she asked me to pass at her home this evening. I put my hands on her, travel curves of her body through its black bodysuit and breeze in brightness her last moments of false shyness.


Selfie seins

This time, I change by showing you nice little breasts of a charming woman whose beauty comes from Senegal. Met during one escapade on Paris one after noon, the current very well passed. And the continuation, we know it. It seems, according to her statements, that she would have felt the very, very intense sensations. Seen the way her body convulsed under the influence of my hands, I indeed think that that was to be very intense. At the end, I asked her if we could make a selfie together. And as I had announced her previously the nature of my activity, she entered into the spirit of the game. I thus took my camera and it left. Small nice pose, and I crunch a breast. She ends then to get dressed again then tells me that to have nibbled her the nipple excited her again. Even with teeth, I get some pleasure. My power is undoubtedly without limit.


Selfie string blanc et lumière noire

On my Snapchat, the girls asked me which mark of lingerie shone so much in the black. Apparently, they were very interested to know the mark to buy it. I answered them that it was not the lingerie which created this effect but the black light which I had installed and activated. It is what we find in nightclubs to illuminate the white of clothes in the darkness. And I can tell you that this surprise had done well its effect on this attractive young lady whom I had invited.


Selfie plug anal

Miss Fifty Shades has kept her promise by telling me that she would come with an anal plug? The answer is yes. Always so sexy, always also exciting, always incandescent. I thus began to undress her in a very hot way then, when by the biggest of the fates my hands arrived on the buttocks, I felt something in shape of circle under her string. She says me that she wore her anal plug during the way, from her home until at my home. You do not imagine all the people who met this attractive woman during her way and of which none suspected that she wore an anal plug decorated with a diamond between her buttocks. Her discretion raises almost skills of a secret agent. I thus decided to continue to undress her before discovering her surprise. I have then to remove her black garter belt and I lengthened her on the bed, back to me. Then I opened well her buttocks to take time to contemplate, like a jeweler, every facet of this diamond. Naturally, as professional, I was in the obligation to make an estimation. Then I have of to proceed to some manual manipulations which did bend our attractive wearrier of jewels.


Belfie rendez-vous

I like this kind of request of appointment. That changes traditional phone calls or SMS. A small sexy MMS being direct, that it is top. This woman that that I know well and that I call up I call Miss Fifty Shades bought herself a new plug anal specially to make a photo with me for my site. Soon the picture.


Selfie femme nue hôtelI have to meet one afternoon for an erotic massage at hotel with a customer and the law of series wants whether it is again a brunette who opens me the door of its room. But seen the beauty, I am willing not to question this law of the series. It is with the naturist massage xXx that I begin the session. Usually for this massage, I remove one by one the clothes which wears the woman in front of me but when I arrived, there were already not many clothes to remove.Up in front of me, my hands travel her body and her hands are also hot. I see the overflowing desire in her eyes. She takes one of my hands then put it to her mouth where she sucks my index by doing goes and comes. I have the impression that she tries to tell me something.


Selfie jeux olympiques de Rio 2016We met the first time at her home for a naturist massage Kama. A little reserved at the beginning, she explains me with an attractive smile that it is her first erotic massage. Strangely, I would have suspected it. She tells me that she has already do a tantric massage but that it had not completely satisfied her. She said me that she looks for something hotter. I reassure her then saying that my massage will enough be hot for her and I prove to her in the minutes which follow. As the current passed well, I suggested then him becoming model photo for my site and she let try by the idea to realize a new erotic experience. You will find some of these photos in my article on Olympics games 2016 of Rio.


Selfie sexy euro 2016

Here is a brown young woman with the short hair coming to end her studies. She lives next to at my home and apparently my erotic massages made her curious. As a result, this new customer booked an appointment and I am at her home spent one afternoon to make her a massage Kama. As for the people who would want to see other photos concerning the Euro 2016, go on my article sexy selfies Euro 2016.


Selfie femme chinoise nueI remember myself that this young woman had asked me if I had already had asian customers. And I answered her that I had met the women of all the countries of the world including Asian. In any case, this young woman left me one very, very good memory. We exchanged a lot of our cultures during the good hour half.


Un petit cul à croquer

Then concerning this customer, it is the third time when I see her and she is always so sexy. I believe that the photo speaks about her even moreover. This woman has for peculiarity to be always shy the first 10 minutes in spite of our previous meetings. On the other hand, after these 10 minutes, it is not any more completely the same woman.


Selfie sexy

For the people who would not have recognized her, this charming young woman is the attractive blonde of my videos of massage Fifty Shades and xXx. She likes the sex and does not hesitate to show it. Seen the positive returns of my videos with her, I can tell you that she made fantasize more than a man and that she made envy more than a woman.


Selfie sexy Vincent

It is the kind of appointment that remains memorized. I have an appointment one evening with a woman whom I have already seen twice previously for naturist massages. And for this third time, she tells me the day before by SMS that there is a surprise which waits for me. Her message instigates now my curiosity and I do not have more than to wait to discover it. The evening of the appointment comes and I appear at her home. It is a fair-haired woman, in shoulder-length hair and in thin silhouette. I must say that she is a very beautiful woman. This evening there, she wears a casual but sexy clothes all the same. Small trendy top, small skirt and stocking. I approach her and tighten her against me. Then I begin to make slide my hands on her body while eying intently her. My eyes browse her from the bottom up then stop on the inscription of her T-shirt where is written “Good things come from bad minds”. I smile and take off her top. My hands come down then on her buttocks which I take firmly. The excitement and the desire one of the other one already is felt. I slide then a hand under its skirt and notice that it wears nothing. She is completely naked under her small skirt. The heat rises then, in front of she, I kneel down and made to slide the zipper of its skirt to open it completely and deprive of her. And as my 2 hands go down her skirt along its hurt legs, I see her raised of one garterbelt. Aie aie aie. That becomes more and more hot. But it is not finished. There is something of written on her sex. I see my first name written there, with an arrow going downward indicating me the direction to be followed. I like this kind of surprise. It is original and very exciting. I take then my mobile phone and I take a selfie to immortalize all this. As for what passed then, it is a secret.