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Here is the one that I devour, and wildly! Some have tattoos, but she has only the marks of my teeth on her small quite firm buttocks. She knows how to make me be strained in all the situations and likes causing me very much. Naturally I answer, and it is then an all-out war which makes a commitment between our two bodies. Impossible for her to refrain from shouting with pleasure on the other hand. I am obliged to stick my hand to her mouth constantly when I fuck with. If I remove my hand, all the street hears her even with my double glazings. But even if she shouts too hardly, I adore that. As for the end of our battle, I always go out victorious. But it is normal, I am the Body Expert.


This attractive young woman has a lot of charm and turns the head of numerous young men. Student at the university, her appreciates the sweetness and wilder moments. You will see her probably in other photos sexy in some times.


Here is the regular customer who allies beauty and performance. Her body has not secret anymore for me. Whether it is in missionary, doggy-style, by the cat, or by the bottom, I give myself at the most to get her unequalled sensations. And so unequalled that now she finds no more plans bottom as high as her expectations. She tells me that she put the too high rod because of me. Hey yes! It is the problem when we become used to the gastronomic and when we hand on to the fast food later. It is less attractive at once.



I am going to tell you the story of my quite 1st threesome with 2 women. It was German, married, and loose two who are come to meet me during evening. Then they invited me in their apartment which they had rented in Paris for the holidays. Except that at that time, I had still never made threesome with 2 women. Then when I began to finger and to fuck them, I noticed at once that there was a problem of configuration. I tended to take care more than a woman, than of the other one because of my bad positionings. Then I began to make my Body Expert Body to solve a problem of solid geometry to optimize my positioning and my actions, and occupy me always both women simultaneously. Hey yes, the fuck, it is also mathematics. In brief, without leaving by that I analyzed everything, I refined all my real time techniques. And in the end, I managed to impress by my performances these two women nevertheless been used by the plans for three. Here we are, my 1st threesome with two women was as a game of chess. And I checkmated.


Here is a young woman of the Paris region followed me since a few months on Snapchat and who knew that I shall be present in the show of the eroticism to Rungis. She thus came with a friend specially to meet me. We met on the spot in paths and discussed sex naturally. As she looked delighted to meet me, I suggested her joining at the end of the show. And the continuation you know it.


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This is the selfie from a very sexy Parisian who discovered me on YouTube with my video How to do a blowjob. She subscribed to my channel then became very fast fan of what I made. And as many fans, them are always ready of giving the best of them even. Then this one reserved me a particular dress for our first meeting. Small transparent yellow top to show without showing too much, the whole in adequacy with its yellow G-string and her low blacks. Our small bee is very sex. But as it was already enough warm in the room, best for her was that I remove her everything. I think of her well-being for that she feels more comfortable. As for me, she asked me why I had not removed my watch. Then I answered her that without my watch, I had the impression to be naked and that I was someone chaste. That gave her to smile. As for the continuation, I excited her completely. No half-measure, only of the immoderation. Needs to show why we have the title of Body Expert.


Miss Fifty Shades has kept her promise by telling me that she would come with an anal plug? The answer is yes. Always so sexy, always also exciting, always incandescent. I thus began to undress her in a very hot way then, when by the biggest of the fates my hands arrived on the buttocks, I felt something in shape of circle under her string. She says me that she wore her anal plug during the way, from her home until at my home. You do not imagine all the people who met this attractive woman during her way and of which none suspected that she wore an anal plug decorated with a diamond between her buttocks. Her discretion raises almost skills of a secret agent. I thus decided to continue to undress her before discovering her surprise. I have then to remove her black garter belt and I lengthened her on the bed, back to me. Then I opened well her buttocks to take time to contemplate, like a jeweler, every facet of this diamond. Naturally, as professional, I was in the obligation to make an estimation. Then I have of to proceed to some manual manipulations which did bend our attractive wearrier of jewels.